Chorus of the Atlantic meets for a Carbershop Rehearsal

The Chorus of the Atlantic has been meeting in-person.  Well, sort of in-person.  The men are participating in Carbershop, a drive-in rehearsal.

President Terry Schmalzreid explains:  A drive-in rehearsal is a way for a chorus to sing together, but with each member isolated in the safety of their own car.  Participants remain in their cars with their windows closed so micro droplets expelled by singing should remain in their cars.  If any droplets escape, they escape to the outside atmosphere to fall to the ground or to be carried off by the breeze.  Each participant sings into a microphone.  Each participant purchased a wireless microphone that they bring with them, take home, and do not share with anyone else.  The wireless microphones transmit to a central point where wireless receivers and a mixer combine the audio and broadcast it through a FM transmitter back to the cars so everyone hears the combined chorus on their FM radio.  Wireless (UHF) and FM radio waves transmit at the speed of light, so it sounds like we are all singing in one small room.

Jim Weythman is our sound engineer and makes sure all our signals are working and transmitting properly.  He works closely with Terry Schmalzreid who gathers the signals with sets of receivers and Jim transmits them to our car radios on 94.9 FM or another frequency he selects.


bruce pitchpipe app photographer

PHOTO:  Pitchman Bruce Hanson is photographed by the APP photographer.

On May 11, 2021, a photographer and a reporter from the Asbury Park Press interviewed our director, Craig J. Page, and a number of the men about the experience.  We'll provide a link to the article when it appears online.