Matinee Idles
Matinee Idles

rss 191119 groupPHOTO: Four of the students were in attendence for the graduation ceremony.  Each man earned a certificate which proclaimed their ability to sing in harmony with others with all the rights and privileges to do the same.

We graduated 6 students tonight from our Ready Set Sing class. These men spent 5 weeks learning about breathe support, harmonizing and ensemble singing. Congratulations!

Part of our mission is to bring the gift of musical opportunities to our community. Recruitment in not our primary goal, but it is a collateral benefit. Thanks to the Ready Set Sing program, inspired by Nate Barrett, we have shared the course with dozens of men over the last few years during our fall and spring classes. We register only 10 men for each class. We find about a 30% do not complete the class for whatever reason. Usually life gets in the way. Each year, we review and tweak the program a little

A collateral benefit - of the men that complete the 5 week course, our director may invite a few to audition for our chorus. This has provided us some darn good recruits. But again, the purpose of the program is to fulfill part of our mission to bring musical opportunities to our community. We have done that successfully with the Ready Set Sing program.

Another collateral benefit - the men that have been exposed to our chorus have become patrons at our shows.

A win-win.


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