Matinee Idles

The Matinee Idles is a barbershop chorus that meets and performs during the day (their wives won't let them out at night.) "Most of us," in the words of their long-time member, Tom Cameron,"are retired, semi-retired, or just plain tired." However, don't call them senior citizens; they think of themselves as recycled teenagers. And they still look at girls. Only they can't always remember why.

The Matinee Idles perform regularly at luncheon meetings, club meetings and other occasions where light-hearted entertainment is called for. Their usual program is a blend of upbeat tunes, seasoned with some inspirational music and well loved patriotic songs and blended with a touch of humor. If your club or service organization is looking for ways to enliven your meetings, try the Matinee Idles.

Telephone: Phil Wilderotter (732) 229-7687 or simply email us.